GODDESS OF THE WHIP. Starring Queen Darla

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Guff 3 years ago
How does he sleeps after?
Katherine 2 years ago
I take it he's a rapist caught by female officers and brought before a cruel female judge who sentenced him to a thousand lashes in a dungeon by a strong, cruel female executioner.
Tom 3 years ago
I love all of Queen Darla's videos, she is for real. Mikaela is another Dom who love to work men over with a whip.
lick you clean 6 years ago
so sexy to have latin and asian girls dressed in leather and sadistic beating me, i like to lick their sweat out of their clothes and have their mother watch them beat and torture me
Fankie 5 years ago
Nola looks like that I can't have his shirt off or something no you guys get in trouble doing that s*** people I know police officer in prison doing that shoot treat people that way somebody about 24 days and mock-up
Long John Dick 1 year ago
Yes, whip harder, longer, faster. The flesh must not be red, but purple blue and black. I see after 7 min.that he is in GREAT PAIN.I love yo see it.He cries like a pig. Mrs. does a good job.But she shows no expression in her face.At minute 24 I started to jerk.This wipping turns me so on I enjoy it the longer it lasts.Yes,these are the things I do love most in life.
Gdh 5 years ago
Love to have you slap me across the face
bart 6 years ago
amazing queens, no talking just action, love the beatings, i would beg them for foot worship a a reward
Fankie 5 years ago
Yes. Cop. Yes I can on my cock I can't put you in jail on that s*** to a person that's trying to kill him Miss Murder
Papa D 5 years ago
I love a good Mistress but this bitch needs to buy a clue!